Thursday, 29 October 2020

Telangana Dharani Portal Application Process | Online Registration, Mutation

Telangana Dharani Portal Registration and Mutation Process 2020: Dharani portal, an ambitious initiative by CM KCR and Telangana government. Authorities have made all arrangements to launch the web portal for Land Registration and Land Mutation from October 29, 2020. Using Dharani portal, thethe process of land registration and mutation in Telangana will be made easily and transparently. Moreover, The registration and mutation process will be completed in just ten minutes.


The main agenda of this Online portal is to register all the lands in Telangana state with their owners and to ease the process of land mutations in future, Where Land Mutation is nothing but transfer of ownership from an existing landlord to the new owner.

Telangana Dharani Portal Online Registration and Mutation Process - Application Form 2020

People of Telangana can register both Agriculture and Non-Agriculture lands using this Online portal. The Non Agriculture lands include Plots, Commercial Lands, Govt Lands, Work Board Assets, Irrigation lands and many more. So, we can say Telangana Dharani Portal registration platform is an Integrated land Records Management System.

If you want to know about the particular land details and the owner of the land, then you can easily find those information using this portal.

Telangana Dharani Portal Application Process

In order to complete your land registration process in Telangana state, you have to book a slot using the Dharani portal. After that you have to reach out to your MRO to share the complete details with Original proofs of record. So, the Officials in the MRO office will complete the remaining paper work that is required for the whole process. Dharani Online Application Form and registration process will be completed within 10 minutes If everything looks good.

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Dharani Portal Features

The other features of Dharani Online portal includes following

  • Slot Booking for Citizens
  • Land Details Search
  • Prohibited Lands
  • Encumbrance Details
  • View market value of Lands for stamp duty

Dharani Online Application Form

If you are searching for Dharani Online Application Form, then follow the below link.

Dharani Application Form: Click Here