Wednesday, 20 January 2021

What is YSR App for Farmers in Andhra Pradesh?

YSR App Features and Uses 2021: Andhra Pradesh Government has taken all necessary steps to ensure more transparency and accountability among the staff who serves at the YSR Farmer Assurance Centers/ Rythu Bharosa Kendram (RBKs). On this page, you can find the YSR App Features, YSR App Uses and many more details. Let us have a look into the below sections of this page.

What is YSR App and How Farmers in Andhra Pradesh Can Use The App?

What is YSR App for Farmers in Andhra Pradesh?

Agriculture department of AP has built YSR mobile app for the village assistants deployed at Rythu Bharosa Kendrams (RBK). The App allows them to connect with the department for the dual purpose of keeping track of all assets that are deployed at a particular Rythu Bharosa Kendram and all the agriculture related activities that are being performed from time to time by village assistants. 

The main objective of YSR App is to help the Agriculture department track all the assets that are deployed at an individual Rythu Bharosa Kendram level and audit their current status and to record all the activities being performed at an individual Rythu Bharosa Kendram as part of the overall initiative.

Who will Use YSR App?

This App is basically designed for Village assistants to perform various activities as shown below.

  • Village assistants will login in to the App and frequently update the status of the assets available in the Rythu Bharosa Kenrdrams and Activities that are being performed in respective Rythu Bharosa Kendrams or Mandals.
  • Village assistants will be able to create the asset and edit the status of the assets. At the same time, village assistants will be able to create the activity, add descriptions about the activity and upload the images of the activity that was performed. 
  • All village assistants will be able to create multiple tasks under a particular activity and report to his corresponding manager. In the history tab, village assistants will be able to access past activities and tasks performed by him. A consolidated report is available for the village assistants to view the conditions of the assets that are deployed in their respective Rythu Bharosa Kendrams.

Uses of YSR App

  • The main purpose of the YSR app is to record everything from seed to sale and get real time results. Details of government schemes and programs in the field of agriculture and allied activities can be found through this app. After registering the RBK details of the employees through this app, the RBK building, assets, modern technical equipment and other equipment details should be entered in the digital stock register in the asset tracker. Problems in the use of equipment are set up to be resolved immediately. 
  • Programs such as crop details, crop cutting experiments, field demonstrations, visit to seed production fields, collection of soil samples for soil testing, YSR free crop insurance scheme, preparation of farmers for organic produce, distribution of input subsidy to farmers Register in this app from time to time. State Agriculture Commissioner Arun Kumar said the app was adding more features with the intention of bringing transparency in services and accountability among staff.
  • Accountability will be brought to the staff through the newly introduced Geofence in this app. Every day RBK has to upload a comprehensive analysis and pictures on the services provided to the farmers within five kilometers and the programs implemented. By doing this the RBK performance is assessed and graded. Thereby state level scoring is given for the performance of each Village Agriculture Assistant. RBK offers regular feedback on services and staff performance on the four pillars of 'very good, good, not good, not good'. Views are also collected for crop health, availability of produce, training for farmers and other needs. Steps will be taken to further improve the services accordingly.

YSR APP Features

YSR App has brought more features specially designed for Farmers. There are 10,641 RBKs in 660 zones in the state. There are 65 hubs and 13 district resource centers connected to them. An integrated call center has also been set up specifically for RBKs. Assistant to Agriculture, Horticulture, Silk, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry through RBKs, which became available from May 30 last year. 7,850 seed, 12,000 fertilizer and 1.21 lakh pesticide dealerships across the state are connected to these centers.

How to Download the App?

The app is available in Play store: Click Here To Download